The underdog, it is who our society comes together to root for. It is what we see in ourselves and who a majority of us admire and want to one day become. This is no different in the case of what happened to PSY and how he was able to go viral and smash Justin Bieber’s record for most views on Youtube. Do not worry if you do not know what Justin Bieber’s record is or unlikely not know who PSY is. We will cover all of this in the remaining article.


PSY Punches Justin Bieber

Viral success stories are largely dependent on getting the attention of the viewer. It is not like just anyone can create a viral video, there is a bit of luck that is involved. The current trend has been with fun and catchy videos. The most recent that has paralleled PSY’s Gangnam Style is the Harlem Shake. People like the catchiness of the song and like to have fun dancing along in wacky ways with it. That said we see hundreds of variations of it with millions of viewers watching different versions of it. This is the cult-like revolution Gangnam Style actually started. PSY created a viral video with a catchy song and wacky dance moves and people followed. Both PSY and the Harlem Shake videos have gone viral because of it.

Now if you are not familiar with Justin Bieber (doubtingly) or more likely do not know his record then get this, his music video for Baby had over 805 million views. It was the most watched video ever on Youtube and it seemed like no one could dethrone him. That was not until PSY is Gangnam Style went viral and we saw Justin dethroned on November 25th 2012. PSY currently has over a billion views now.

PSY exploded on the scene alright, but his viral masterpiece couldn’t have dethroned Justin Bieber if PSY wasn’t already somewhat famous in South Korea already. He was going to get views regardless. His international success ends up having to do with the word of mouth and there is some say that he purchased youtube views from here. His feel good lyrics and corny dance moves are hard to not like. It has an allure to it that people feel warm inside about when watching. Videos like this are a break from our serious lives and the dreary news we see from the media, or the constant love songs (like Justin Bieber’s) we hear daily. Rather it is to the point fun music. For that is why people watch these silly videos to disconnect from any thing negative going on in their lives, and make us smile.

Concluding we see that it is possible to go viral and dethrone pop sensations like Justin Bieber. All you need to do is create something different, something that will people feel good. It can be mimicked and there are other success stories in a similar fashion (see the Harlem Shake example above). Just put your heart into creating something feel good, push it out there and people will watch giving you viral videos.

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